Environmental exploration, environmental surveys

Identification and monitoring of the quality of surface and ground water systems

Our consultancy firm has developed and is carrying out environmental surveys related to:

  • Engineering (dams, roads, wind farms, etc.)
  • waste and waste management (landfills, sanitary landfills, Waste Reprocessing Plants, uncontrolled landfills, biological treatment, sewerage networks, etc.).
  • Industrial activities.
  • Management and exploitation of groundwater and surface water (wells, springs and distilleries)

Our office has the following equipment for environmental surveys:

Portable spectrophotometers Foxboro Miran 1B2 & Foxboro Sapphire (Portable Ambient Analyzers)

P 1They allow measurement and detection of more than 100 gases, both organic and inorganic ones.

Portable instrument (Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer) Jerome 631 of Arizona instruments

P 2It is used for the detection and measurement of hydrogen sulphide levels (H2S).

Radioactivity measurement instruments (α, β, γ) of Innova company

P 3These instruments can perform measurements in liquids, gases and solid samples.


In surveys on the identification and monitoring of quality of surface and underground water bodies ( studies of salinization, pollution or contamination zones) , the office has the following field equipment:

Instruments (HQ40D) of the company Hache-Lange

20These instruments record the physicochemical haracteristics of underground water (Ph, conductivity, temperature, redox potential and dissolved oxygen).

Maximum depth of precipitation in water: 80m. Minimum drilling diameter: 40mm

Borehole Loggings system

16Maximum depth of geophysical exploration 500m. Minimum drilling diameter 80mm. Continuous recordings of the electrical resistance are performed (single focus point resistance, three or four point lateral or normal sensitivity measurements 16 inch (short) or 64 (long) of natural radiation (gamma ray) and spontaneous potential (SP) of the formations drilled, as well as of the conductivity, temperature and speed of movement of water (flow meter) of the underground aquifers.

Systems (6 Recording units and 18 mulriparameters probes) of the american company Hydrolab

19These systems are capable of continuous recording and monitoring (Loggings) of the quality of groundwater. They also provide the possibility of early warning in case of change in the physical and chemical characteristics of water.

We have the following systems: H2O Reporter, datasonde and minisonde models 4, 4a and MS 5.

For the analysis and presentation of the measurements the programs used are: Hydras 3 LT and Aquachem.

The maximum depth of precipitation in water is 200m. The minimum drilling diameter is 60mm.

Up to 12 parameters are controlled and continuously recorded, concerning the quality of water, the main of which are: Temperature, Conductivity, Salinity, Depth, pH, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Ammonium, Nitrate, Chloride, TDG.

Multiparameter Oceanografic logging system. Recording Units and 2 mulriparameters probes of the company ME MEERESTECHNIK-ELEKTRONIK GMBH.

P 4They are used for continuous recording and monitoring (Loggings) of the quality of water in a marine environment

Maximum depth of precipitation in water: 1500m.

The temperature, depth, conductivity, pH, and acoustic current meter are continuously monitored and recorded.

Multiparameter Oceanografic logging system. Type Sal-1.

P 5It can perform measurements (water quality) in water depths of up to 200 meters.

The office also has specific current meters that measure the flow of surface runoff in gullies and rivers.

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