Geological - Tectonic - Seismotectonic studies and surveys

Our firm has extensive experience in organizing and performing in most of the categories of studies related to geological science

During all these years of operation we have successfully conducted numerous studies and surveys related to:

  • Survey and exploration of aquifers.
  • Geological studies of engineering structures and residential areas.
  • Geophysical surveys.
  • Controls on existing enginreeing structures.
  • Studies of landslides and soil instabilities.
  • Hydrogeological studies and delimitation of protected areas in water drawing areas (springs, boreholes etc.)
  • Seismic and tectonic studies.
  • Seismic hazard studies.
  • Geological - tectonic mapping.
  • Mapping and demarcation of salinization zones.
  • Stratigraphic surveys and studies.
  • Geothermal field studies.

Landslide surveys

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Geological mapping

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Hydrogeological surveys

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