Geotechnical - Drilling surveys

In the geotechnical field we conduct the geophysical survey of the area of interest, as well as the planning and monitoring of the geotechnical - drilling program.

We also perform specialized geotechnical tests such as:

  • Penetrometer testing.
  • Pressuremeter testing.
  • Directional drilling.
  • Measurements of seismic waves within a borehole using Crosshole and Downhole methods

The relevant geotechnical equipment we use (except for the geophysical equipment) is:

Grundojet 450 Track mounted drilling rig, of the firm Tracto-Technik This drilling rig is equipped with the appropriate equipment for directional drilling of geotechnical boreholes up to 80 meters in length - depth. It is possible to change the drilling angle from 0 ° to 90 ° in the desired portions of soil or rocks, while at the same time electronically monitoring the direction and depth of the drilling.
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DA-72 (RSB 0 / 1.4) self-propelled sampling drilling rig, of the house Nordmayer (Marketing authorisation number: ME 082674ICH). This equipment includes a dynamic penetrometer (DPL-DPM-DPH) of the house Nordmayer sampling drilling up to 80 meters in depth, or to perform penetrometer testing up to 70 meters in depth.

Drilling methods: Auger drilling, Percussion coring tube RKS, Open samplers, Rotary coring, Bailing and Hammering, Cases drilling and Straight flush rotary drilling.

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Menard Pressuremeter (MPM)

It is equipped with the respective pressuremeter shells of all calibers, in order to perform pressuremeter testing in sampling drillings up to to 100 meters in depth..

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